protestantcaesar said: 3% of the Black population commit 50% of the crimes in the United States.

And yes i have already stated that the way social infrastructure is, violence is a big part of black community, i knowww this, it has to be changed, But that doesn’t justify anything, that still doesn’t justify them having to be profiled constantly. thats 3 percent of the black community. what about the other 97 percent being wrongfully profiled. the police are supposed to protect and serve the law and people, not neglect and antagonize the people. but everyones in fear and distrust, people of color fear and don’t trust the police, and the police feel the same way of them. its a cycle so don’t tell me blacks are in the wrong and the police also has no blood on their hands. what you’re spewing is the type of thinking that has all this shit going on in the first place

13fcali said: why are you even answering this zionist racist shitbag. Save your time and energy hun. Hope youre doing well.

You right, but I’m not tripping theres some truth to both sides, but that statement nahh, I won’t put much effort into someone who doesn’t hear both sides. and as for that israel palestenian conflict -__- i won’t even get into that

and I’m not saying the police are bad people, not all of them are, not at all, but i mean it when i say the authority they use when it comes to african americans is a lot more aggressive, and maybe its not because they’re racist, but they profile, assume and out of fear they’re quick to make hasty decisions that have terrible consequences. nobody is in the clear in these situations, not the police and not even people of color, everyone is to blame. 


protestantcaesar said: nobody’s afraid of black people lol

smh, I’m not picking sides but if they aren’t afraid then they’re racists. Amadou Diallo, Guinean man, my families country. pursued to his own home, pulls out his wallet and is shot at 41 times, thats not fear? The fear officer Pirone had in his voice just before he shot Oscar Grant (fruitvale station) that wasn’t fear? Get out of here with that bullshit but let me turn it around, black people are afraid of black people, why else would this entire society be carrying guns everywhere, its fear, mix fear and authority and you have these incidents so don’t sit here and tell me nobody is afraid of black people. get the fuck out 

They shoot us out of fear, simple and plain. they hear about our music they see us in the streets. Thats fear. “racism” is the judicial system letting them get away with it, our country/society turning a blind eye to struggle, an unfair inadequate education system, lack of funding, gentrification etc

g-youknit: What does black on black violence have to do with the situation at hand? Is that what prompted this? Please don't tell me you're Caucasian American.

Haha nahh, I have a tagged/me, I’m as black as black gets. Im talking African indigenous language black. You must have not understood the context though. what I’m saying is the way society has raised us, to where its at now, the pressure of society has gotten tensions to get to where it is now, but what I’m saying is its not white vs black, it shouldn’t be about that, hell I’m saying black on black violence is not talked about enough. Im saying going out and breaking shit over a trigger happy cop is not gonna help a situation of many instances where a black man/young one was shot by police, I’m saying that black society needs to change, economic inequalities need to change, a society known for glorification of violence needs to change or disperse and all that FIRST before anything happens. but going out being violent against the same police who fear us is not gonna change anything



Imma frame this.

this picture is everything.

Shane Lavalette

lacy: I think what you're saying makes a lot of sense. I thought about sending something but I wasn't sure what to say, only because I'm still learning about these issues. But I agree with what you're saying, especially after reading the last post when you were asked to elaborate.

Don’t be afraid to voice your opinion unless you have facts first and are prepared for differing opinions. but ah thank you, I think theres much more to it than everyone is making it out to be.

curr3ncy: personally, i respect EVERYBODY. NO MATTER what race, age, sex, etc UNLESS you give me a reason not to like you... simple as that. i just wish this whole thing would stop being "white vs black." it's really sad that most people are not willing to look deeper than skin color and constantly point fingers instead of working together to fix a situation. WE ,as individuals, are supposed to stand for our rights side by side, and protect ourselves from the government... but divided, we are nothing.

ahhh thank you for the input in my inbox, i wholeheartedly agree, it really is more than a black vs white thing. i don’t remember how to add tags to asks anymore